Precast Wall and Floor Systems:
The unique Nexcon Innovative Lightweight Precast Panel system provides design flexibility and versatility for Architects and Engineers. It accommodates a variety of stud sizes, gauges and spacing option arrangements with or without insulation. Architectural finishes offered by conventional pre-cast manufacturers can be easily accommodated.

Our wall sytems require less labour on-site and are very quick to install. There is no need to scaffold the building exterior during panel installation. This quicker installation and erection equate to greater savings in related construction costs. Factory pre-installation of doors, windows and, electrical and mechanical services can also be incorporated during manufacturing, further minimizing site labour time. The panels are ideally suited for exterior cladding, structural / load bearing exterior and interior walls, floors, roofs and foundation walls. In some designs, the load bearing panels are capable of supporting multi stories without heavy structural steel. Applications include low-rise housing, mid and high-rise buildings, commercial, industrial and retail buildings, military use and low cost houses in underdeveloped or natural disaster recovery regions.

Nexcon foundation walls can be erected directly onto poured on-site footings with minimal time without the use of forming on site. The foundations are erected square and true to specifications and can be backfilled as soon as the slab and the first floor bracing are in place. They can be installed as they arrive on site in any weather conditions allowing builders to continue building without the need for additional time. The durable floor slab can come in long clear spans and does not require surface preparation for floor coverings. The multiple openings between the studs found on Nexcon precast panels provide additional vertical and horizontal space for greater flexibility and installation ease of electrical and mechanical systems, thus reducing installation time and labour cost. The system also eliminates the needs for most bulkheads and furring.

The system provides an option for site casting that will reduce transport costs and may improve construction time significantly. All our panels are easy to handle and can be installed all year round

Floor Slabs

Foundation Walls

Architectural Finishes:
The versatility of our panels allows architects and engineers to choose a variety of finishes for their design.

Light-Gauge-Steel (LGS):
Nexconís unique steel framing system utilizes Nexcon innovatively engineered light-gauge-steel (LGS) comprising of steel studs/joist and tracks that are made of galvanized steel. The steel stud and joist profiles are open-web type stamped profiles reinforced with folded flange along the edge of each opening that deliver proven structural performance such as resistance to twisting and deflection or buckling that is equal or better than competing light-gauge-steel. They offer complete versatility and total compatibility, as the stud and joist sections can be used on their own or are panelized to produce composite panels. The embossed edge that is set in concrete for precast application is designed and shaped for more secure anchoring and a stronger finished panel.

The stud and joist profiles are also unique for their superior thermal, fire, and acoustic properties. The openings make the steel stud sections lighter and at the same time simplify the installation of plumbing, electrical and other services, eliminating the need for most bulkheads and furring.

Products are cut to desired lengths and are available in various sizes and applications. During production the hole alignments for the sections are computer programmed of each length, and full web blanks on bearing ends and anywhere along the length to the customerís specifications. This provides simple flat plane surfaces at connection points to speed up installation.

They are also individually labeled as per the ASTM Code requirements.

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