LEED Credits

Five categories have been identified where Nexcon precast panels help contribute to LEED credits.
  1. Recycled content
  2. Most steel produced has significant recycled content. When building is eventually demolished concrete and steel can be separated for recycling.

  3. Energy efficient
  4. Open-web sections decrease thermal losses. They can also accommodate additional insulation.

  5. Locally available products
  6. Most panels are produced using locally extracted raw materials.

  7. Innovation credit - Transportation
  8. Lighter weight thin shell precast allows two or more times as many panels per truck load - cutting fuel consumption, air pollution, tire wear and other environmental impact.


  9. Innovation credit - Green house gases

By cutting quantity of concrete used for precast, thin shell reduces amount of CO2 emission - a major green house gas associated with cement produced for the project.

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