NEXCON Innovates Light Weight Precast Building Systems

Nexcon lightweight precast panel systems are one of the most innovative construction systems available today. Flexibility of design and installation is unprecedented. Nexcon precast panel is a hybrid precast panel combining light-gauge-steel framing embedded in as little as 2" of concrete producing a composite system superior to any conventional product on the market. The steel components and concrete are used according to their structural attributes and other design requirements.

The concrete provides durability and the steel framing provides the structural integrity. The combined “concrete-and-steel panel offers the strength of a solid precast panel, while using much less concrete as compared to conventional precast. This results in a very economical high strength panel. In addition the durable materials provide low maintenance which means savings over the entire life of the building. Single or double sided panels may be manufactured with architectural choice of colour and texture finishes such as clay brick, stone and stucco, sand blasting or exposed aggregate for both load bearing and non-load bearing applications. They are also used as cladding panels that provide an excellent solution to enclose pre-engineered structures or mid-rise or high-rise buildings with either a concrete frame or structural steel superstructure. Nexcon floor system can span larger than conventional floor systems.

Nexcon LGS innovative open-web design yields better thermal, fire and acoustical properties as well as higher strength to mass ratios than any ‘C’ framing products offered in the market place today. The open web design enables utilities and services to be placed both horizontally and vertically anywhere in the cavity wall, which may be insulated as desired.

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