Advantages of Nexcon Innovative Lightweight Precast Panel Systems:
Everybody wins when building with Nexcon Innovative Lightweight Precast Panel Systems as it provides improvements to the developer, architect, engineer, project manager/contractor and consumer. The systems allow the manufacturing of lightweight pre-cast panels at the factory or on-site that have many advantages over any other system in the market place.

  • Superior Strength and Safety: The engineered LGS system incorporated in the panels provides the market’s best option for load bearing structural applications, especially in the earthquake, tsunami and hurricane areas. The panels also offer a better fire resistance as compared to other conventional panels. In addition some composite Nexcon panel types meet the highest Seismic Zone requirements, as well as all Hurricane Force Winds.

  • Rapid Construction: Prefabricated panels that may include both interior and exterior finishing significantly reduce scheduling as the panels can be shipped to the construction site, ready for immediate installation. Factory pre-installation of doors, windows and, electrical and mechanical services can also be incorporated, which further minimizes site labour time. The system provides an option for site casting that will reduce transport costs and may improve construction time significantly. Panels are easy to handle and can be installed all year round.

  • Reduced Construction Costs: The system eliminates the need to scaffold the building exterior. Less labour on-site and quicker installation and erection equate to greater savings in related construction costs.

  • Advantage of Load Bearing Applications: Design flexibility using thinner concrete along with the inherent structural capacity advantage, of being stronger than any competitive product, translates into reduced materials and costs. In high-rise building construction lighter weight means reduced foundation costs. The self-supporting capacity of the system may eliminate columns and beams on some designs, thus reducing the costs even more.

  • Better Thermal Efficiency: The open-web design of Nexcon stud transfers significantly less heat than a conventional solid web stud, thus our panels are more thermally efficient than conventional ones. In a building, this reduces heating and cooling costs.

  • Long Term Durability: The basic panel components that promote waterproof, termite & rodent resistant and corrossion proof conditions will ensure product longevity that will lead to reduced maintenance costs.

  • Better Utility Accommodation: The open-web stud and panel design, provides additional vertical and horizontal space for greater flexibility and installation ease of electrical and mechanical systems, thus reducing installation time and labour cost. Most bulkheads and furring are eliminated.

  • Versatility (Colour & Texture Options): The choice of architectural finishes is almost unlimited. The application of the Nexcon Panel technology expands the use of pre-cast concrete within the construction industry to a much more viable and wider spectrum than ever before.

  • Acoustic Attenuation: The voids along the length of the web tend to disperse the sound parallel to, rather than across the web, greatly improving acoustic attenuation.

  • Green Building Product: Building construction using Nexcon panels helps contribute to LEED credits.

Advantages of Nexcon Innovative Light-Gauge-Steel (LGS):
The benefits of using Nexcon light-gauge-steel (LGS) products are:
  • Lightweight
  • Green building product
  • Superior strength
  • Thermally efficient
  • Long term durability
  • Better utility accommodation
  • Easy to handle
  • Non combustible construction and no off-gasing
  • Recyclable steel and will not corrode

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